French speaking copywriter

I am a french speaking copywriter at your service to optimize your editorial strategy to the French public. I can write for you on all possible communication media.

Fast and available for all types of projects on the ecommerce market or startup, my French language expertise is my main activity here in France, as a writer and blogger. I am located in Nice, in southern France, a few kilometers from Monaco and Italy.

Many French-speaking people want to read contents writing in french, even if they understand English. It's just easier for them and ensures good reception of your products and services to this particular audience.

The work of your french speaking copywriter will be writing your message to the consumer community that are available to love your products in France, Belgium or any other country where French is spoken.

How to hire a French language editor?

You already have the answer to that question! Now just contact me to discuss your project.

Asking me a quote , you can make you a good idea of the prices charged on the French market for writing content. The quality of work will live up to your expectations, so that people who live in France exactly understand the meaning of your messages.

With full knowledge of English and a good dose of creativity , I can write you to all the texts you need on the French market ! Reading your pages of French content is a valuable asset that will earn the front seats to your competitors on the sectors you are targeting.

Website Translation by your french copywriter

A simple translation is not enough to properly capture your future audience in other countries.

To captivate a new audience , you have to speak the same words that he uses every day to attract sympathy and trust.

Well written texts make the difference when the time has come to take action. By ordering texts perfectly well drafted in French, your prospective customers will have the impression whom you are much closer to them.

If you want to hire a community manager able to transcribe your ideas to the people of France , you 're in the right place to start this project!

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